KeyHelp® is now available in its latest version 14.7.1 and we would like to take the opportunity to inform you about the innovations.

New features and Improvements in version 14.7.1

  • Ubuntu 16.04 support (including PHP 7)
  • Let’s Encrypt for server domain
  • PHP-FPM status page
  • Improved update / install system (failsafe, SSL protected, checksum check, …)

Furthermore, numerous optimizations were implemented and bugs have been fixed.

An overview of all changes to the current version is available at:

Upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04

If you already use KeyHelp® on an Ubuntu 14.04 system and would like to upgrade it to the latest version of Ubuntu LTS, we will soon provide you with an upgrade script which will allow you a smoothly upgrade process.

For administrators of an Ubuntu 12.04 system an upgrade script to Ubuntu 14.04 already exists. A step by step guide on how to perform the update yourself can be found on the following page: